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C & 2S Sungjin

CE Certificate

The AER2 Basic (Standard fit) face mask qualities:
- Foldable
- Comfortable breath
- Condensation protection
- Universal
- Four-seasons
The mask protects approximately 94% of fine dust (average particle size, 0.4μm) and is authorized as KF94 sanitary aid by Ministry of Food and Drug Safety. There is a 13th grade MB filter fabric (same as air cleaner) applied to the mask.

Coma Technology Co., Ltd.

CE Certificate

Coma Technology offer a variety of face masks.
- KF94 / KF80 (Fine Dust Mask)
- KF-AD (Anti-Droplet)
Industrial mask:
- The light mask

DIS Industry Co., Ltd.

CE Certificate

Features face-mask:
- Application of 4-layored super electrostatic filter
- 3-D folding ergonomic structure
- Functional nose support
- High elastic soft ear loop

Donghwa Vitex Co., Ltd.

CE Certificate

Dongwha Vitex Co., Ltd. since its establishment in 1994 has become
a leader Of non-woven manufacturing industry in globalized market place
based on continual R&D and innovation of production lines.

Evergreen Co., Ltd.

CE Certificate

FFP1 Facemask with a soft touch and easy to breath with along with adjustable Bands.

HS Global

CE Certificate

HS GLOBAL is a trading company specializing in Facial mask sheet, Facial foams, hand sanitizers and hygiene tissues.



CE Certificate

Hayanson Nitrile Gloves en AMSBIO COVID-19 Test kit / Macrogen Smart Lab


CE Certificate

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Kukje Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.

CE Certificate

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MJ international inc.

CE Certificate

Reuse Mask'
(mask one, filter two, double-sided tape four)
- High design quality using seamless technology
- Simple double-sided tape allows easy replacement of filters
- More hygienic use by using filter replacement
- Functional material certified for UV protection, antibacterial and non-detection of harmful substances
- Certified nano filter that can block up to 95% of fine dust

Marine Pack

CE Certificate

Airqeen Nanofiber Mask features:
- Aluminium nose-clip
- Highly elastic ear bands
- 3-layer, 3 panel & flat fold
- Nanofiber filter technology

Old house

CE Certificate

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CE Certificate

FFP2 / CE mark from European Commissions
· 100% manufactured from FDA registered production plant in KOREA
· Officially certified by KH (Korea Halal)
· Passed and awaiting NIOSH certification
· Verified by Europe Safety Standards REACH and RoHS
· 0.1um thin Nano fiber / easy to breathe / high filtration
· Maximum 96% filtration of 0.4 micron particles (KOTITI test result)
· Re-usable up to 10 times with 75% ethanol / 70% isopropyl spraying
· Express shipped directly from South Korea


CE Certificate

KF94 Respirator mask (Small/Large). The KF94 is equal to FFP2. The nose-clip is comfortable and adjustable. The ear loop is thick and comfortable. Further features are:
- 3D folding structure
- 4 layers filter
- Comfortable fit
- Ultra-electrostatic filter

bnf corporation

CE Certificate

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