Korea Industry Reports

An overview of industry reports from 2020



The aerospace industry involves the production activities in the aviation and space
industries, such as producing aircraft, space aircraft, and related accessories and materials.


The automotive parts industry produces components that are indispensable for constructing automobiles, such as power generators, power trains, suspensions, steering systems, brakes, electrical and electronic devices, and body parts, as well as the parts for the intermediate stage where the vehicle is constituted by assembling the parts of the lower units


The biopharmaceutical industry develops drugs that prevent and treat diseases of both humans and animals.


The cultural content industry refers to the industry related to the production, distribution, and consumption of cultural products that create economic value based on human emotions, creativity, and imagination.

Distribution & Logistics

The “distribution industry” refers to an industry aimed at the wholesaling and retailing of agricultural, forest, livestock, marine (including processed goods or cooked marine products), and industrial products; the storage, delivery, and packaging thereof; and the provision of information and services related thereto

Fashion & Beauty

The term “fashion” is derived from the Latin word “factio”
that refers to an “act” or “action.” In the Korean dictionary, “fashion” is defined as a
particular piece of clothing, commodity, etc. that became popular at a particular time.

Financial Service

The term “private equity” refers to a method of raising funds by placing
a small number of investors and investing privately in stocks, etc.,” and the term
“private equity fund (hereinafter “PEF”)” refers to a collection of such funds.

Fine chemicals

The fine chemical industry is a processed and intermediate materials industry that
takes the basic chemical products produced in the petrochemical industry and supplies
raw and subsidiary materials to upstream industries such as automobile, ship, electronic,
textile, construction, and medical device

Food & Beverage

All types of natural and processed food products containing at
least one or more types of nutrients that can be consumed after being processed
to a certain degree in terms of the manufacturing sector.

Healthcare & Bio

The biopharmaceutical industry develops medicines to prevent and treat human or
animal diseases.


A device industry is an industry related to the collection,
processing, storage, search, reception and utilization of telecommunications services,
and is classified into wired communication devices and wireless communication devices
in detail.


The Korean Standard Industrial Classification (KSIC) classifies the machinery industry into five
industries: general machinery, electrical machinery, precision machinery, transport machinery,
and metal products (fabricated metal products).

Semiconductor & Display

Semiconductors are divided into memory semiconductors that store and memorize
data, system semiconductors that perform data processing functions (operation,
control, etc.), and optical and discrete devices, such as LEDs and transistors/diodes.

Shipbuilding & Marine

The shipbuilding and marine industry is a knowledge-based, eco-friendly/
ICT composite engineering industry established to develop, design, and build various
small, medium, and large vessels, along with equipment for shipbuilding and marine

Tourism & Leisure

The tourism and leisure industry refers to the operation of tourism facilities for
tourists in addition to the provision of transportation, lodging, food, sports, entertainment,
recreation, and tour/leisure services for their tourism/leisure activities.