Online Job Fair 2021 Korea - Netherlands

Korea-Netherlands Online Job Fair 2021, creative sector

This year we organize our annual Job Fair twice, in the creative sector in March and in the commercial sector in June. Participating companies: Publicis Groupe, Orange Branding, Carbon Black Technology, Tiledmedia,Team Reptile, & more! Click here for more information about the vacancies.

We would like to invite companies and job candidates in the creative sector to the online Job Fair for the creative sector: Design, game, AR/VR, film, architecture, advertisement and broadcasting.

  • Date: March 30 (Webinar), and March 30 - April 30 (matching interviews)

  • The entire event is free of charge (for companies and interviewees)

Information for prospective job candidates & about the Webinar

The process

During the webinar participating companies can describe and promote their company to the candidates -- if you want to make use of this option.

The company will receive the full list of candidates in March. The company can then select the suitable candidates in order to schedule an interview with them.

When the company has made its choice the business will let us know and we will facilitate the interviews.

  • Would you like to let us know if you are interested in participating? Please send us an email to:

For general questions

Josefine Lee


Architecture, design, and advertisement Please follow this link.

Vivian Kim

Film, broadcasting, games, and AR/VR

Sofía Murell

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