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Our Services

KOTRA acts as the representative of Korean companies,

with the aim of entering into commercial relationships with Dutch companies.

Through this service, KOTRA Amsterdam takes over commercial office tasks

of our partner companies for the Netherlands,

enabling them to have a physical presence in a market that may be relevant to them.

Represented Companies

About us

KOTRA, the Korea Trade-Investment Promotion Organization is under the Korean Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Energy. It is the main Korean agency responsible for supporting SMEs abroad and opening up opportunities in the international market. Founded in 1962, the organization now consists of 127 international offices in 84 countries. 

What we do:

  • Supporting (new) exporting Korean companies in the Netherlands

  • Assisting companies during trade fairs in and outside Korea

  • Organizing events that promote trade between the Netherlands and Korea in various industries.

  • Finding the right Korean trading partners for Dutch buyers

  • Supervising recruitment for Korean companies in the Netherlands

  • Researching global and Dutch industries

  • Updating buyKOREA (, a global e-marketplace for Korean products and partners

  • Searching for international parties interested in investing in various industries in Korea through Invest KOREA (


Contribute to national economic growth by supporting global companies

Core Values and Commitment

Be Global

Lead Change

Commit to the Community



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Logistics centre

The logistics center allows interested Korean companies to have a certain quantity of a product in the Netherlands through signed agreements between KOTRA Amsterdam and two logistic partners.​

The service is beneficial for both Korean SMEs and their Dutch partners who have faster access to the product.


Pantos Benelux BV

located in

  • Tupolevlaan 48, 1119 NZ, Schiphol-Rijk

  • Theseusstraat 40/42, 5047 RJ, Tilburg


Lexon BV

located in

  • Tupolevlaan 48, 1119 NZ, Schiphol-Rijk

  • Theseusstraat 40/42, 5047 RJ, Tilburg

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