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2024 K-Beauty Matchmaking Event

The following companies participated in the 2024 K-beauty Matchmaking Event.

For more information and matchmaking opportunities, please contact our colleague Renske at:

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Founded in 2018, VOAS Tech aims to blend humanity with technology, by specializing in mineral beauty innovations.


INGR Inc. aspiration is to produce beauty and health products, using the precious value of plans without harming the environment.

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MIJIN Cosmetics

Mijin Cosmetic's philosophy is to maintain a healthy skin by using mild natural ingredients and developing eco-friendly and sustainable materials.


Honest is offering an 1:1 customized one-stop solution based on customer characteristics, leveraging HONEST’s strength in OBM production methods.

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Selenus implements the traditional medical herb 'Ganghwa Artemisia' in its products, which is effective in combatting bacteria and inflammation, and gives a soothing, purifying and regenerating effect.

Power Player

Power Player's Ongredients-line prioritizes healthy and beautiful skin, based on organic ingredients. It also advocates for a sustainable green lifestyle which is environmentally friendly and does not harm nature.

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Korea B&C

Korea B&C's DIBLANC is a premium beauty brand that offers high-performance multi-care products, consisting of natural ingredients and innovative technologies.


Carboexpert's TherapytoAble is an advanced biotechnology based on medicinal materials and pursues efficacy beyond the existing ones.

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MITI Systems

MITI System offers skin solutions based on Microneedles and microcrystal techniques, with a strong foundation in OEM/ODM services.


NDK's Rabee stands for 'Raw Beauty', indicating that its products only use natural ingredients and avoid using animal-related material and testing methods. Rabee's products include various shower bars and hydrogel masks.

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Celldraw offers specialized skincare solutions based on precise cell science to tackle skin problems and promote youthful, healthy skin.


Medicosbiotech has been producing 100% bio-based flagship products based on the development of the next wound healing compounds and functional cosmetic products to tackle hair-loss.

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