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Medical & Bio health Industry Online Biz-Meeting [May 31 - Oct 31]

Medical & Bio health Industry Online Biz-Meeting [May 31 - Oct 31]

Time & Location

15 jul. 12:00 – 31 okt. 00:00
Online B2B meeting

About the Event

For the 60th anniversary of diplomatic relations between South Korea and the Netherlands, KOTRA (Korea Trade Invest Promotion Agency) organizes the Online B2B meeting event in the sector of medical & bio health industry , together with the Embassy of the Republic of Korea in the Netherlands .

Overview of South Korea's medical & bio health industry

Korea is one of the top countries among OECD members for its long life expectancy and rapid growth of aging population.

Korea accounts for two thirds of the global biosimilar market and ranks number one in the global ultrasound diagnosis market. Furthermore, advanced infrastructures such as ICT, skilled personnel in the medical and pharma sector, together with world class hospitals and data, enables Korea to be the world 12th market size in the global bio-health industry (pharma, medical device, cosmetics and health industry).

The Korean pharmaceutical industry is rapidly becoming a manufacturing hub due to its advancement in biosimilar manufacturing skills. It has now become the 3rd largest pharma region in Asia.

Korea's bio health industry set a new milestone in outbound shipments with a 50 percent jump last year. This was led by the robust demand for Covid-19 test kits and biosimilar products in Europe and the United States.

Korea's pharmaceutical exports totaled $14.1 billion in 2020, up by a whopping 54.4 percent from a year ago. The sector's main growth driver was Covid-19 test kits, which showed explosive demands worldwide amid surging cases of infections.

Exports of such test kits hovered at a mere $3,000 before January 2020 but the figure sharply increased to $200 million in April alone and $546 million as of end-November.

The growth of Korean bio similars was also remarkable as their market share continued to rise in Europe and the United States - helping Korea's entire pharma exports reach over $7.3 billion last year, up by 76.9 percent from a year ago. Exports of ventilators and other medical devices came to $4 billion, contributing to the sector's growth as well.

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What to expect?

Korean manufacturers and technology companies in the sector of medical & bio health industry will be presented in this online B2B meeting. They will cover:

  • Medical Equipment & Medical Supplies
  • Dental Equipment
  • Examination & Testing Instrument
  • Health & Wellness
  • pharmaceuticals
  • Beauty Equipment
  • Medical Computer Hardware & Software

Korean companies

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Cost : FREE

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