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World Hydrogen Summit

The following companies are participating in our matchmaking event.

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Korean H2 Company List

Click to download the digital catalogue of South Korean hydrogen specialized enterprises.

PK Valve.jpg

PK Valve & Engineering Co., Ltd.

PK Valve & Engineering has been supplying cryogenic valves for over 40 years. Due to their long expertise, they are able to manufacture high-quality products according to the industry's needs.

Mt. H Control Valve

Mt. H Control Valves, established in 1978, has manufactured valves for shipbuilding, plants, and engines. For the hydrogen industry, they have been supplying valves for fueling stations.

Mt. H Control Valve.jpg
Aether CT.png

DS Aether CT Co., Ltd.

For over 30 years, Aether CT has accumulated and developed high pressured gas vessel manufacturing technologies. Their hydrogen tube trailers can be conformed to their customers' needs.


Light Bridge

Light Bridge manufactures electrolysis stacks that can be scaled up from MW to GW. They offer AEM and PEM electrolysers to adjust better to the customer's needs. 


Hydrolux Co., Ltd.

Hydrolux offers storage and transportation methods for hydrogen. They have been successful in establishing the essential technologies and expertise for their products.


GOA Co., Ltd.

For the past two years, GOA has developed their fuel cell double-sided electrode coater and their membrane coater.

Ceracomb Co., Ltd.

Ceracomb manufactures H2 Removal Catalysts for the prevention of hydrogen gas explosions. Simultaneously, they have also developed an Ammonia cracking catalyst. 

HEPShappy-2. (PNG).png


Heps develops and manufactures fuel cell stacks and mobility power packs. They want to further develop micro-mobility power systems.


eFlow provides a hydrogen fuel cell platform for micro-mobility. This also includes their compact green hydrogen products and refueling station solutions.

Tesk logo.gif


Tesk provides high-pressure hydrogen tubes for fuel cells. Their stainless steel tubes for hydrogen gas contains a specially designed metal seal structure that bears over 700Bar pressure.

Chungnam Techno Park

Located in the mid-Western part of Korea, Chungnam Techno Park gives green hydrogen companies the support and platform they need to develop their hydrogen technologies.

Gangwon Techno Park.jpg

Gangwon Techno Park

Located on the Eastern side of Korea, Gangwon Technopark is a vital innovation hub. Its energy center performs hydrogen-related tasks. 

Hugreen Power

Hugreen Power is a leading company that manufactures Hydrogen Generators that generate and supply hydrogen using sodium borohydride (NaBH4).

Hugreen logo.jpg
Turbowin logo.png


Starting with small-sized turbo blowers, Turbowin has expanded its business to gas turbo compressors and vacuum turbo compressors.

MiCo Power

Solid Oxide Cell Project

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